So what’s the plan?

“A man who does not think and plan long ahead will find trouble right at his door.”

Well lucky for Confucius, I’ve had a long time to plan this marathon.  I knew I was in last fall, which gave me all the time in the world to not think about it.  When January rolled around, I knew I should take the time as a gift and figure out a plan for the year.  As a business person, I tend to think in quarters.

Quarterly plan

Well at least that MBA didn’t go to waste right?

I live in New England, so the first part of the year is cold and snowy.  I still run in this weather, but I wanted to focus this time on getting stronger to prevent injury and prepare myself for the training to come.  Getting my muscles in shape was something I really needed anyway since my strength & cross-training had fallen off a bit last year.  Starting the year off right now would help with those long runs later.

Right now, we are in the beginning of Q2 and I am currently training for a half marathon.  I’ve just started increasing my distance with long runs on the weekends.  I’m also committing myself to going to track practice once a week, when my schedule allows of course.  This will help me work on my speed, which needs improving.  Luckily my running club offers track coaching, free with membership.  I want to add in more hill work too, because I think it is helping me become a stronger runner overall.

The real marathon training starts in June and that will carry me into Q3.  I will eat, sleep and breath training. Well…we’ll see how it goes anyway. I also need to get my head in gear and mentally prepare for running this distance.  This is almost as important as the physical training.  I’m not sure yet how I will get into the right mindset, but that will be a new learning experience.

The marathon just happens to fall at the beginning of Q4.  After I complete my goal, I can spend the remainder of the year in rest & recovery mode.  I’ll still be running after a much needed break, but my concentration will be on learning to enjoy the run again. This might mean limiting myself to slow easy jogs or maybe I’ll throw in some fun and interesting races to switch it up.

So this is what I have planned for 2017…wait what is it they say about relying on plans too much?  Oh well, I’m sure it will come to me eventually.

Scenes from my winter running, faces have been blurred to protect the innocent.

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