Two vans, one course: Cape Cod Ragnar

Start Line

“Why don’t you leave me alone, yeah yeah. Well I feel so broke up, I wanna go home.”
-The Beach Boys

So what did you all do last weekend?

Me? Well I ran a 190 mile relay race with 11 other teammates, didn’t shower for 36 hours and got pretty much two hours of sleep. In other words, I had the time of my life.

Side of Van

“Why would you ever want to do that? I have no desire.” This is what most people say when I talk about my Ragnar experiences. I guess if I were to think rationally about it, I might say the same thing. But there is something about these extreme team races that makes us keep coming back for more. For those that do not know what a Ragnar race is, it’s basically a giant relay race, usually around 200 miles, with 12 teammates in two vans. People jump in and out of the vans when it’s their section of the relay, or leg as we call it, and pass a slap bracelet to the next runner as we all move through the course. When all runners in one van have run a leg, the bracelet is passed to the second van and the process repeats.. Each person has three legs to run, which can range from 3 miles Continue reading “Two vans, one course: Cape Cod Ragnar”