Week five: The way life should be

Ogunquit ME

“It’s views like these that make me forget about the pain.”
-Marianne Chmielewski

I’m a little behind on my blog, which upsets me. I’m already winding down week 6 and I haven’t written my week 5 post. I still want to write about it, because I had one of the most gorgeous runs I’ve had in awhile with two great running friends. Last weekend we were invited up to Maine for a fun girl’s weekend. Realization soon hit that all of us are training for Chicago and weekends are for long runs. What to do? Plan a run on vacation of course!

Run in Ogunquit
We passed by some people clearly enjoying themselves more than us. Just kidding, I was having a blast!

Lori (my training partner in crime) and I had to do 12 miles on Saturday. We figured a change in scenery would do us some good and luckily Marianne (quoted at the top) was very familiar with the area. We were up in Wells, Maine near Ogunquit, so we incorporated the famous and extremely scenic Marginal Way path into our long run. Marianne runs a bit faster than Lori and I, but she kindly held back a bit to help us along. We were both working pretty hard to keep up, although I think I struggled the most. The run ended with us averaging about 20 seconds/mile faster than our training plan called for. However, I didn’t die! Maybe I need to start pushing myself a little more. Of course there is a balance and the last thing I want to do is injure myself. The run felt good as a whole, but there were definitely moments where I was afraid I couldn’t sustain my pace.

Running by Maine coastline

This was definitely my favorite long run so far – great views and great company. The weather was warm, but the cloudy skies made it feel bearable. We planned to go out to brunch right after, so the thought of poached eggs were swirling in my mind the whole time. Our friend Maria, who had generously invited us up, was taking a break from training due to a slight injury so she provided us with much needed water aid at mile 5 and 10. This was the longest training run so far, so I brought along some gu to get used to fueling. All in all, it was a successful long run and I was glad we decided to change it up, location-wise.

To those out there that are reading – are there vacation spots where you like to run to take a break from your normal routes?

Run in Ogunquit
Half-way through the run! One of the most scenic parts of our long run in Ogunquit, ME.

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