Week eight: Halfway

Running path

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”
-Theodore Roosevelt

With week 8 over, I realize I am now over the hump for marathon training – I have passed the halfway mark. Eight more weeks and seven more long runs are left (besides that pesky last long run of course). It’s hard to believe where I am at less than two months away. It’s becoming more real, but it’s far enough that the nerves haven’t fully kicked in. Well maybe a little…

With panic not fully setting in yet,  I know that I need to start my mental preparation to try to remain calm as the weeks pass faster than expected. Even though I’ve been working a lot harder than I am used to, I have found moments of zen in my training. There have been times when my cross training didn’t feel hard any more – I was able to keep my cycling pace longer than expected or add more weight to a barbell without even thinking. There were times when I was running just before the sun came up where I forgot what I was doing at the moment and was only lost in my current emotion. Towards the end of my long run last week I noticed I was no longer focused on how many miles I had been running, but on how I was able to push faster to the end.

I have been feeling pretty solid in general during this training period. Twinges and pains I experience seem to heal quicker than before. Not only does my body feel a bit firmer than before, it feels a lot stronger. I am beginning to wonder how it will transform in eight more weeks. I almost cannot believe how much I’ve been sticking to my training – no slack off days and no illness to sideline me so far. I am a better version of myself, however temporary this may be.

I’m halfway to my goal and even though things feel amazing at the moment, you never know what is going to happen to you on that day. Let’s hope I can dig back into what I feel today, to pull it together if things should start to unravel in Chicago.

To the people reading who are also in marathon training – how are things going for you? What feels normal at the halfway mark?



2 thoughts on “Week eight: Halfway

  1. Reading this felt like reading my own journal. I’m just a couple weeks behind you but experiencing many of the same things. My body feels firmer and stronger, and I’ve also been enjoying being able to push faster the last few miles instead of looking at them with dread. It’s quite a journey right? Glad to read this! x

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