Week twelve: Focus

“Don’t waste time on jealousy. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.”
-Mary Schmich

The marathon is a month away. It’s hard to believe time has passed so quickly and I’m in the final stretch. Things are becoming so real I want to wrap myself up in bubble wrap just to rid myself of all risk of not being able to run. Every twinge on my body has caused me to pay special attention, worried it’s a sign of something bad to come. The week has gone pretty well, which was a relief after last week. I had some strange new pains in my legs that concerned me and I had visions of waking up and not being able to walk. I decided to go to yoga on Thursday evening and after that, the pains were gone and I was amazed at how great my leg muscles felt. My long run was down to 12 miles, and for the first time I reached the target pace exactly from my marathon training plan.

But I need to keep my focus as it’s easy to go off track. I just recently got a new job that I will be starting in two weeks. It’s exciting, but stressful at the same time – knowing I have to learn a whole new industry and get back into a different routine. It always seems like no matter how much I strive for something new, I’m never fully satisfied in my own career. I’m feeling really positive about this job move though, and I’m really hoping I can stand still for awhile.

Throughout this marathon training, I’ve had to tell myself to focus on myself and my own goals. I listen to what other’s say their marathon times were. I wonder if I can do as well. I read on Facebook what pace people are doing their long runs. I observe people killing it in training and worry I’m not as good. Looking around at others is distracting and only aids in feeling down about myself. People will do better than me, I just have to run my own race. I haven’t quite conquered my own mind yet, but I’m getting close to reeling in my focus. Let’s just hope I can keep everything together as I face the big one in the next week – the 20 mile training run.



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