Week fifteen: Panic

Firearms photos

“Well, I’m a mushroom cloud-laying motherf#cker, motherf#cker.”
-Samuel L. Jackson in the movie Pulp Fiction

Song Mood: “The Distance” – Cake

I am still sick, this cold really likes to linger.

All of last week I’ve had to deal with a lot. Most of my friends are running this marathon so everyone is in taper-mode. And everyone is cranky as hell, present company included. It didn’t help that I also had my period and had to do my 3AM migraine check every morning. Oh and I started a new job. Great timing.

People have been driving me crazy. Everyone is checking the weather non-stop, saying the marathon will be canceled due to the heat. The weather changes every minute I look at it. It makes it impossible to pack. Everyone is also reminding me that I have to run a marathon soon, which is also not helping. Stronger runners than myself are nervous, which makes me even more panicky. If they are freaking out, what chance do I have? What is this experience going to be for me?

I don’t know what to plan on eating for the last week leading up to the marathon. One source says to eat healthy with plenty of vegetables. Another said to avoid vegetables. Great. Over the weekend, I had slow-cooked a bunch of chicken so I had it on hand during the week, since I’m way too busy to cook. Then I read you are not supposed to eat so much protein. I have almost 1.5 pounds of chicken. I just can’t win lately. All I know is…carbs. Well that I think I can do.

Other than all the random stress and aggregation, this week of training has gone well. I feel strong. My final tempo run felt on point, even with the weather being hot and sticky. My last long run of 8 miles felt really good, even as it started to rain a little. There have been a lot of “lasts” lately as the training winds down. It is both a relief and a panic. Also, I am loving the way my body looks right now. It gives me such joy knowing that all my pants feel a lot looser around my hips and waist and everything is tighter and more stream-lined. I wish I could keep it this way after I’m done training, but I think we all know what will happen…

Twin shirts


Lori & I tested out our charity shirts from the American Brain Tumor Association and they worked out quite well. When we went to ask some stranger to take a picture of our matching shirts, he mentioned that his mother had died of a brain tumor. It was a humbling experience – this is really what it’s all about. I’m having some names printed on mine – some friends of mine had love ones taken from this horrible disease. I wanted to carry that with me as I run the 26.2.

At this point there is nothing left to do. I just need to get through my last week of training and make it to Chicago. Then make it through Chicago. Whatever happens, happens, but at least I can say that I did all the work. Other factors aside- weather, mental state, health state – I prepared and trained as best I could.

Just one more long run left.








One thought on “Week fifteen: Panic

  1. You got this lady. I know, so much craziness. Just try to find your own calm and centeredness (is that a word?!) whenever you can. Just remember, you trained for this, you put in the work, this is YOUR race. “Better” runners can panic but luckily, you have no obligation to share or carry their anxiety as well. I think all this is part of it, and you are doing amazing. Will be thinking about you all this week and sending you crazy good vibes on Sunday girl!! x


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